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Simple & Affordable UpFront Pricing for Bay Area Courier Service

Pricing for Courier Service

Here is an overview of how pricing for shipments is determined. To get an accurate quote for a delivery, simply submit a price quote request at our GET STARTED link above.

At Bay Area Courier Service we pride ourselves on providing fantastic VALUE for our services. Each delivery we perform is handled by an experienced, professional courier to the customer’s specifications. Most deliveries within Major local cities, such as San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville are priced in the $32-$49 range. Depending on other variables the price may be more. Most deliveries between Major local cities are priced in the $48-$98 range for our Standard 4-Hour Service. We pride ourselves by offering Up-Front Pricing which gives you a total cost at the time you place the order. 

Essential Pricing Elements

Pricing for Courier Service


We need a window of time to execute your delivery. The larger the window, the lower the price. Our 4-Hour Standard Service is less expensive than our 2-Hour Rush Service because we have more time to perform both pickup and dropoff, and the courier will be able to do more deliveries in conjunction with yours.


When the distance between pickup and drop-off locations is a shorter distance, the cost is lower than if the distance is longer. Pretty simple concept. A delivery between two cities 10 miles apart will cost less than a delivery between two cities 50 miles apart.

Time and Distance

So, to summarize our first two categories, a short delivery with a large time frame costs less than a long delivery with a short time frame!

Size and Weight

Different sized shipments can be priced differently. Smaller shipments are:

  • Envelopes of all shapes and sizes
  • Boxes that are 30 pounds or less,
  • Multiple boxes totalling 20 cubic feet or less.

Smaller shipments can be handled by virtually all of our drivers, but not necessarily by a courier on a bike.
Larger shipments can be handled by fewer of our couriers based on the size of their vehicles. If a shipment is very large it will cost more as a result.


Us having the full service window for us to operate in is the least expensive option. Say a package is ready at 10am and needs to be delivered by 2pm. If there are no restriction such as pickup closed for lunch between 12-1p or delivery address closes for lunch between 1p and 2p. Those restrictions may cause the price to rise.
If a package MUST be delivered between 4pm and 5pm that small window in which we must take action will cause the price quote to rise.


Deliveries that happen in the central core of the Bay Area will cost less than deliveries that occur further out. A delivery from San Francisco to Oakland while only ten miles, will cost less than a delivery between San Jose and Morgan Hill that may also be 10 miles, as the pickup location is more remote and will take longer to get to.

Special Circumstances

If an item requires special handling it will incur a higher cost to deliver. If your shipment is well packaged and can be handled normally then fantastic. If, though, a shipment is fragile such as flowers, food, must be kept upright, must be hand carried, etc then additional charges may be incurred.

Additional Charges

Waiting Time

We make every effort to quote an accurate price at the time of orders being placed. This is our UpFront Pricing. But, sometimes unforeseen things happen. Shipment ready time was set at 10 AM, but when the courier arrives they are told to wait because something needed modifying. No problem. We can wait, but Waiting Time occurs an additional charge.

Loading Time

In some situations, a loading process, either at pickup or delivery causes unforeseen delay. The 8 boxes are required to go through the loading dock, which doesn’t open for another 15 minutes. Another example may be that all shipments must go through the service elevator which is being held up by another delivery, forcing our courier to wait.

Weight Charge

When an order is placed we make every effort to collect accurate estimates of size and weight. Sometimes we get erroneous estimates by callers. Those 5 boxes at 20 pounds each turns out to be 6 boxes at 50 pounds each. There would be an adjustment charge in this instance.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Man o man, Bay Area Courier saved my bacon today. Shipment to client was misaddressed to their old address (my mistake) and the client needed it TODAY. The team at Bay Area went and retrieved the package and got it to my client’s desk super fast! I highly recommend them to anyone needing courier service.

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Marisa P.

This company is tremendous! I thank my Lucky Stars that I contacted Bay Area Courier Service today! They responded to my request immediately, provided a quote, and completely resolved a near disaster. Enthusiastic, professional, thorough, and a pleasure to interact with. Thank you!

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Patrick O.
Sales Rep

Needed a last minute delivery from Walnut Creek to Martinez and these people were able to help. They are responsive and reliable (did what they said & followed up). In this case, cost wasn’t primary concern (it was a RUSH) and it was not cheap but a great value. I will call them again if I ever need a courier.

Bay Area Courier saved the day for me.
Heidi R.
Executive Asst

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