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5 Things to Consider When Choosing A Courier Service

Ease of Use

Everyone likes things to be quick and easy. For instance, placing a request for courier service should not be rocket science! Whether over the phone or online, the process should be super simple and straightforward. For instance, an online order should take a minimum of keystrokes. Also, a call should last only a minute, maybe two. Importantly, the agent at the other end of your call should be smart and knowledgeable about it. Therefore, the right courier service will make things quick and easy for you.

A Focus on Customer Service

To start, we will discuss a few reasons why a focus on customer service is an important aspect when choosing the right courier service. Firstly, if a delivery company isn’t focused on customer service, then run, don’t walk to the next one! Secondly, customer service is where the rubber meets the road for any company. Thirdly, and most importantly, a service based business such as a courier service has to place the customer number one.

Moreover, they need to be consistently showing that commitment to customer service in every action. For example, in how quickly they answer your call/text/email. Also, how they follow through on promised communications. In conclusion, finding a courier service that exhibits a strong focus on Customer Service is crucial to finding the right courier service for your business.


The right courier service will offer excellent value to the customer. For example, if a shipment is mission critical, you don’t want to have a cheap service handling that job for you. While a low price is great, when there is no room for error, you want a courier service that safely and securely executes to your exact specifications. At any price, that’s a great value.


Any service business worth it’s reputation will always do the right thing for the customer.


Customers like using a courier service that they don’t have to babysit through the delivery process. For example, customers like being able to simply make an order and then be pleasantly surprised by a confirmation message earlier than expected.
Nobody likes to have to make follow up inquiries on the status of pickup or dropoff, or why there is a delay.
To sum it up, customers love a courier service that is reliable. Above all, reliability might be the most important aspect of choosing the right courier service.


Bay Area Courier Service checks off each one of these boxes, making us the right choice for many of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best companies.


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3 Quick Steps to Solving Your Problem

Bay Area Courier Service lives and breathes delivery solutions. We focus on urgent, on-demand courier service around the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you have a delivery problem in need of a solution, here is how we can help.


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