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A simple price quote gets the ball rolling. Once we have the details, we can let you know our price to solve your delivery problem. During normal business hours we will usually reply within a couple of minutes of our receipt of your request!

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Bay Area Courier Service lives and breathes delivery solutions. We focus on urgent, on-demand courier service around the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you have a delivery problem in need of a solution, here is how we can help.


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When you have a delivery that needs to be completed by an experienced professional, it’s time to get a quick price quote from Bay Area Courier Service. Quick and easy.


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What Our Customers Have to Say

Man o man, Bay Area Courier saved my bacon today. Shipment to client was misaddressed to their old address (my mistake) and the client needed it TODAY. The team at Bay Area went and retrieved the package and got it to my client’s desk super fast! I highly recommend them to anyone needing courier service.

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Marisa P.

This company is tremendous! I thank my Lucky Stars that I contacted Bay Area Courier Service today! They responded to my request immediately, provided a quote, and completely resolved a near disaster. Enthusiastic, professional, thorough, and a pleasure to interact with. Thank you!

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Patrick O.
Sales Rep

Needed a last minute delivery from Walnut Creek to Martinez and these people were able to help. They are responsive and reliable (did what they said & followed up). In this case, cost wasn’t primary concern (it was a RUSH) and it was not cheap but a great value. I will call them again if I ever need a courier.

Bay Area Courier saved the day for me.
Heidi R.
Executive Asst