Print and deliver document to the courthouse. Here come da judge!!

Many attorneys work on cases that will be heard in San Francisco Bay Area Courts, but the attorneys may be hundreds if not thousands of miles away! When they need a courtesy copy submitted, they need a local Bay Area Courier Service that knows what they heck they are doing and can do the job right.

For instance, Paul S. from Tucson, AZ had a case at Alameda Superior Court in Oakland and needed to have print and deliver legal documents  (a courtesy copy) and delivered to the judge. Paul reached out to Bay Area Courier Service by means of a quick, online price quote request. Details arranged, document sent. Easy peasy! Attorneys working remotely love the Bay Area Courier Service Print & Deliver Service.

Print and deliver legal documents


Our print and deliver service serves attorneys looking to get a courtesy copy delivered.
Our print and deliver service serves attorneys looking to get a courtesy copy delivered.

Have the right team print and deliver legal documents for you

Paul made an online payment that was equally quick and easy, then the team swung into action. Document printed, envelope prepared. Ready to go. A quick trip to the courthouse and the document had been properly delivered.

The key component of our print and deliver service is trust. Remote users need to have confidence that the job will be done right. Paul S. from Tucson knows he can trust the team at Bay Area Courier Service and you can too!

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About Bay Area Courier Service

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Bay Area Courier Service is the #1 rated courier and same day delivery service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We make sure that each delivery is on-time — every time. Bay Area Courier Service is capable of delivering everything from an envelope to a pallet. Importantly, we have a large fleet of vehicles consisting of SUVs, Cars, Trucks, Vans & Bikes. Every one of our delivery drivers is equipped with GPS and they have an intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the San Francisco Bay Area.

State-of-the-art courier service technology

Of course, we use state-of-the-art technology and tracking. This allows us to know the exact real-time location of your package at every step of the delivery process. No matter what type or size of package you need delivered quickly around the bay, we’ve got you covered. In addition, our fleet of vehicles is capable of delivering packages of almost any size, weight, or dimensions.



3 Quick Steps


When you have a delivery that needs to be completed by an experienced professional, it’s time to get a quick price quote from Bay Area Courier Service. Quick and easy.


Payment is easy and completely secure. All credit cards are accepted and payments are processed through Stripe, the leading credit card processors in the world.


Once everything is in place, we’ll dispatch one of our team members to handle your shipment with care and professionalism. Upon completion we’ll relay your delivery confirmation.

frequently asked

Most frequent questions and answers

Yup. If you want us to leave the package in the mailslot in the garage, behind the gate, at the door, or by the potted plant, that is what we will do. We’ll likely snap a photo and send it to you as well.

All shipments are insured to $100 dollars. For more details about our terms of carriage click here.

You can absolutely get a price quote request online. Most quote requests are responded to within just a couple of minutes during normal business hours.

Our standard hours for delivery are 7 AM to 7 PM. Most deliveries occur Within the hours Of 9 AM to 6 PM. After-hours services are available by appointment.

We deliver packages of all shapes and sizes. From thumb drives to small pallets of several hundred pounds. Bay Area Courier Service can meet your needs. Take a look at our What we deliver page For more details.

You do not have to call ahead to place an order. We operated on-demand. If there are some special characteristics of the delivery, you may want to call and give us a heads-up.

Absolutely. Just need a courier one time a year, three times a year, five times a year? Not a problem, just give us a call give us the details and we’ll take care of it for you.

In order to provide an accurate quote the essential elements are
pick up address.
Delivery address.
When the package is available for us to pick up
When the package Delivery deadline is
Also, we need to know a description of the shipment. is it an envelope or is it 12 large boxes waiting 500 pounds.
With those essential elements we can provide an accurate price quote using our upfront pricing.

We can absolutely relay information about when the package was delivered and who received it. We can do that via text or via email, whichever you prefer.

You can place request for service online after hours. We may not respond to it until business hours the next day. Our day begins at 7 AM PST.

Yes. Old School! Of course! Some people like the security of giving credit card information over the phone rather than online, even though our online credit card processor is Stripe the largest credit card processor in the world.

The basics pricing elements part-time distance urgency and size. Most Intra-city deliveries in the core bay area are Between $32 and $49, although the price may be more. Most inter-city around the bay Run $69 to $98 for standard 4-hour service.

When using a courier service, labeling is not nearly as detailed as when using FedEx or UPS. There is no form to fill out with us. The basics of labeling are to include company name delivery address Attention person and if appropriate their contact number. Remember your package may end up going through a receptionist or mailroom. It needs to meet their needs for routing.

Our couriers will take really good care of your package. Still, packages should be prepared so that they can be safely handled by a courier. They may get jostled around a bit in a vehicle or messenger bag. Therefore, they need to be properly secure.

You can pay with any major credit card online at our website or over the phone.